Keep Your Pets Healthy This Summer with Igenix’s Cooling Solutions

Keep Your Pets Healthy This Summer with Igenix’s Cooling Solutions

Igenix has been bringing user-friendly, reliable appliances to homes since 2002. We know many of our customers are passionate about their we offer cooling solutions to keep both you and your furry friends comfortable all summer.


With warmer weather on the way, we're here to talk about heatstroke, which can affect both cats and dogs. Keep reading to learn about heatstroke, its symptoms, and how you can prevent it to ensure a safe and enjoyable season for everyone.


What is heatstroke?

Heatstroke, also known as sunstroke, is a condition your pets can develop if their body temperature gets too high. Any animal can develop heatstroke, but there are some who are more susceptible.


If your pet is elderly or has pre-existing conditions, you should keep an extra eye on them. Pre-existing conditions can include anything from obesity and a flat face to other medical conditions.


Although heatstroke commonly affects pets during the summer, it can occur at any time of the year. If left untreated for too long, heatstroke can cause seizures, organ damage, and more. Luckily, there are ways, like using Igenix’s cooling solutions, to prevent heatstroke and catch symptoms early. We’ll go into more detail on this later in the blog.


What causes heatstroke in pets?


Since dogs and cats don’t have many sweat glands, it’s occasionally difficult for them to regulate their body temperature. They’re usually able to cool off by panting, but sometimes their body temperature rises faster than they can cool down, leading to heatstroke.


Nottingham Trent University and the Royal Veterinary College conducted a 2020 study on heatstroke and found 74% of cases were caused by exercise or exertion during the summer.


Additionally, heatstroke can be caused by being stuck in a hot environment with poor ventilation or sitting somewhere too warm for an extended period of time. Another cause is not having access to enough water on hot days and becoming dehydrated.


Symptoms to look out for

If it’s hot outside and you’re worried about your pets, keep an eye out for…

  • Excessive panting or dribbling
  • Restlessness
  • Lethargy
  • An upset stomach
  • Breathing problems
  • Being sick


Additionally, if you think your pet is displaying symptoms, call your vet as soon as possible for advice.

Cooling solutions from Igenix for you and your pet

There are a few simple ways to prevent your pets from developing heatstroke during the summer months. The first option is to buy a portable air conditioner unit to help keep the room they spend the most time in cool.


If you spend a lot of time out of the house but still want to ensure your pets are comfortable, you should consider Igenix’s 3-in-1 Smart Air Conditioner. All you need to do is place it near your pet’s bed or favourite blanket before you head out, ensuring it can vent through a window.


Window kits are available that ensure proper ventilation without the risk of your pets escaping! Then you can change the settings, set a timer or turn the unit on or off wherever you are through the Smartlife app on your phone.


Using cooling mats and fans

Another tip is to lightly wet a towel with some cold water and let your pet lay on it. You can also buy cooling mats specifically for this purpose. This helps them keep their body temperature low and prevent overheating on warm days.


For extra support, you can set up a fan facing their towel or cooling mat. Our 7 Blade Pedestal Fans have a lower height option as well as an adjustable tilt angle, perfect for directing the air towards your pets closer to the ground.


Cold water bowls and DIY frozen treats

Another important step is to ensure your pets have access to plenty of water throughout the day. You can even add a few ice cubes to their water bowl to keep it cold for longer.


You can also use ice trays to make cooling dog treats by mixing treats or their favourite snacks in an ice tray and freezing them. While the ice melts and reveals their treats, your cat or dog will be entertained whilst they keep cool.


Managing outdoor time for cats and dogs

With 59% of UK cats being outdoor cats, it’s important to mention that if the weather’s too hot, you should keep your pets inside. With dogs, it’s best to exercise or play outside whilst the temperature is lower, such as early in the morning and later in the evening.


Learn more

Since 2002, Igenix has evolved into a trusted household brand. We offer a diverse range of quality home appliances, ranging from heating, cooling, and air conditioning to kitchen and laundry appliances and floorcare.


Our user-friendly designs prioritise simplicity and functionality and are tested to the highest standards for proven reliability.


Browse Igenix’s cooling solutions here!

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