Launch of the Igenix Smart Air Conditioner

Launch of the Igenix Smart Air Conditioner

“Smart Home” is a term that has become widely recognised as defining a residence containing appliances capable of communicating with one another and that can be controlled remotely from in any room in the home or from any location via a phone or the internet[1]. Smart appliances are designed to conveniently enhance the living experience of home owners by providing savings in time, money and energy. Technology has now developed to mean that smart products can be connected to one another and controlled simultaneously from one place; often through an app on a smartphone or tablet.

In the past smart homes have been the hobby of the tech-savvy or wealthy, but they’ve now grown into a full blown consumer trend with the technology becoming far more widely available.

In 2018, the number of UK households with smart appliances has increased from 1.52million in 2017 to hit 2.12million, and this number is expected to continue to rise up to 5.56million by the year 2022[2].

Whilst many brands are launching their own smart products that now range from smart kettles to central heating thermostat hubs, here at igenix we’ve taken a different route into the world of smart home technology. March 2018 sees the launch of our very first Smart Air Conditioner which will be the first smart igenix appliance controlled via our brand new smart phone app.

With the new igenix app you will be able to remotely control your air conditioner from any room in the house or any other location; ensuring your home is always kept at a comfortable temperature whether you’re sat on your sofa or returning home on a hot summer’s day.

Another key benefit to the new smart air conditioner is that it is compatible with Amazon Alexa and responds to voice commands through any echo device. The next stage in sensory control, voice command technology is yet another development that is improving user interactions with their smart home. At igenix we’re always inspired by you, and so have worked hard to ensure our very first smart appliance will provide you with the type of functional quality and reliability that you’ve become accustomed to with all igenix appliances.

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